The following are an accumulation of personal, educational and professional works that I have completed that are able to be released publicly.

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Academic Papers

Defining and Mediating the Cause of the Newly and Elderly Homeless in Toronto

Homelessness in Canada

Load Up, Log In, Drop Out: The New Primary Agent of Socialisation

Meeting Briefing Note

Peak Food : How Bio-Chemicals Will Affect Sustainability

Socioeconomic Pressures on the Elderly and Newly Homeless in Toronto

The Junction Briefing Note : Part Four

Thoughts and Shorts

Thoughts and Shorts II

Toronto Harbour Commission Building

Towards Inclusion : The Fight for Universal Suffrage

Winning Hearts and Minds: How New Media has changed the Face of Democracy

Design Papers

506 Carlton Streetcar Assignment

Climagraphs: Castries, Wellington, Tokyo

Downtown Relief Line – It’s Finally Time

The Junction Analysis Project : Part Two

Group Projects

Alexandra Park Secondary Plan

Business Retention and Expansion

Redefining Toronto’s Mainstreets

The Junction Scoping Project : Part One

The Junction Concept Project : Part Three

The Pickering International Airport: 40 Years of Regional Planning


Computer/Web Applications