The Junction Briefing Note : Part Four

Submitted: December 6th 2010   Download the original Junction Briefing Note    Preamble Situated in the north-west corner of the old City of Toronto (Image 1), The Junction once was a railway hub for the food packaging industry. Growing linearly along the a major route out of town, Dundas West, this historical working-class neighbourhood suffered […]

The Junction Concept Plan : Part Three

Submitted: November 21, 2010 Third part of the The Junction assignment focuses on potentials and defining a concept to improve both the living and economic conditions of the area. New connections, open space and strengthening existing infrastructure and culture is the primary purpose of the assignment. Contributors Abby Besharah Justin Cheng Pete Giampa Christopher Jones […]

The Junction Analysis Project : Part Two

Submitted: November 3rd, 2010 Part two of The Junction Scoping Project was an independent analysis of the streetscape,  public space and housing based on our visits during the first assignment. The purpose of the assignment was two-fold: to conduct the analysis given the tools and methodologies provided in lecture and; to display our results using […]

The Junction Scoping Study

Submitted: September 25th, 2010 A multi-part studio project that stepped through the scoping study of a specific Toronto neighbourhood — in this case, The Junction area in the west-end. Contributors: Abby Besharah Justin Cheng Peter Giampa Christopher Evan Jones Michael Kozlowski Brandon Langille Natalie Lindsay Personal Contributions: Maps Presentation Design Lynch Image Mapping   Download […]

The Pickering International Airport: 40 Years of Regional Planning

Submitted: November 10th, 2010 Group assignment on the policies reflecting land-use and the controversial Pickering Airport plans. Contributors: Abby Besharah Daniel Gordon Christopher Evan Jones Brandon Langille Personal Contribution: Layout / Design Timeline Graphic History, Analysis & Conclusion Abstract Since 1972, a number of attempts have been made to create a second international airport to service […]

Winning Hearts and Minds: How New Media has changed the Face of Democracy

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011   I.         Existential Democracy Technology has the intrinsic ability to alter and transform society – from the advent of the written word, public discourse, en masse publications, industrialisation and digitisation; each has demanded dramatic shifts in how we both commune and develop (Burns, 2010). Control of knowledge has become a […]

Downtown Relief Line – It’s Finally Time

Submitted: Monday, March 28th, 2010 Planning assignment to demonstrate page layout and desktop planning as related to an on-going city planning issue. Abstract:  Transit City’s (TC) plan to connect Toronto’s inner-suburbs to existing high-order corridors aims to right the lack of adequate public transit long-suffered by area residents. But this plan, along with subway extensions […]

Thoughts and Shorts II

Monday, March 6th, 2010 Defining Transportation When land-use pattern create too heavy of a load on the existing or planned road network the system is unable to cope with demand and function at an adequate speed, causing Traffic Congestion. This can be stressed by traffic control systems failing to direct traffic effectively or there are […]

Thoughts and Shorts

Thursday, November 12th 2009 The history of modern town planning reflects an attempt to provide safe, sound, and sanitary conditions in urban areas, Discuss this statement with specific reference to: the conditions that accompanied dramatic urban growth in the post 1750 period; the major reasons for urban reform; the three primary approaches to urban reform To clothe and […]

Towards Inclusion : The Fight for Universal Suffrage

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009 I.         Sitting on Guard Alberto Reynoso is employed by sub-contractor to replace the aging water mains in his neighbourhood. His 10-year-old daughter attends the local TorontoCatholicSchool.  His paycheque comes from the city and he pays property, income and consumption taxes religiously, but as a landed immigrant, he has no voice in […]