As a recent graduate of the Ryerson Urban and Regional Planning program and seasoned programmer and business analyst – with well-rounded exposure to a number of industries – I am currently seeking full-time or contract employment that can complement my existing skillset, better my education and training and leverage my career trajectory.

I also have experience with human resources, classroom instruction, project development, asset management and in a variety of construction positions. I would classify myself as hard working but easy-going and an independent and analytical thinker that thrives in complex problem or business situations while being quick and eager to learn.


Ryerson UniversityBachelors of Urban and Regional Planning (4 Year)

Recipient of the J. Michael Noonan 1st Year Award

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2009 –2013


Seneca CollegeComputer Programming and Analysis Diploma (3 Year Co-op)

Graduated with High Honours

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

1996 – 1999


Employment History

Sheridan College / University of Toronto
Part-Time Professor
January 2010 – May 2013
Location: Oakville
Reporting To: Course Co-ordinator / Associate Dean

Professor of Web Culture and Design (CCT260) and Digital Innovations and Cultural Transformation (CCT205) – a joint program in the Communication, Culture and Information Technology (CCIT) program at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) – that focuses on the history of the Internet, societal impacts and design concepts for the future. The courses are the prerequisite for a Web studies stream leading to a Diploma and Degree of Bachelors of Arts.


InvestorView Inc.
Lead Developer (Full-Time/Contract)
October 2007 – Current
Location: Toronto
Reporting To: Project Director / President

An investment services corporation whose goal is to provide comprehensive financial data to become a leader in exchange, dividend and symbol analysis. A client management tool for financial analysts to report client market exposure, test and measure portfolio weightings and conform to OSC compliance criteria. The application combined a wealth of knowledge and data in an extensive historical data warehouse and reports overall performance, house revenue and potential commissions.


Designable Environments Inc.
Application Developer (Contract)
January 2012 –  May 2013
Location: Mississauga
Reporting To:Lead Architect

Development of mobile applications, relational database and reports for accessibility audits of public assets, such as the Toronto Community Housing Corporation major stock and Ontario Lottery Corporation casinos. The primary goal of these reports was to identify and classify the organisations’ ability to meet the level of access as required by the Accessibility for Ontarian with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) by 2014.


Sheridan College
Guest Lecturer
November 2007 – October 2009
Reporting To:
Course Co-ordinator

Hour-long lectures on how students can better prepare themselves for the “real” world. The first revolved around project management and the roles and responsibilities expected of new-hires by employers – and the second touched on code and conduct within the work environment and when to recognise warning signs and project showstoppers – The third, a revisit to both and how they interact.


Client-Side Developer
February 2003 – August 2003
Location: Toronto
Reporting To:VP Programming / President

Semaview’s goal was to compile the variety of information resource available on the Internet into a simple, customizable database that users could then transmit peer-to-peer using Resource Description Framework (RDF) and Web Ontology Language (OWL), both extensions of XML. I was responsible for most of the application’s front-end including graphics, framework and communications between servers and local databases and for demonstrating the software to management at intervals-end. I also created a simplistic graphical component for users to design and share their own ontology without the hassle of understanding the complexities required for RDF.


X-Stream / LibertySurf / Livedoor
Client-Side Internet Developer
September 1999 – October 2002
Location: Toronto – London – Tokyo
Reporting To:Director of Programming

A multinational Internet service provider (ISP) based in eight countries, LibertySurf provided free or low-cost service in exchange for direct advertising and customer surveys. Responsibilities included generating ideas for value-added services, and heading the team from development to production and developing the user questionnaire-driven advertising delivery system – The cornerstone of our business’s revenue model.


CIBC Insurance
Senior Systems Architect
April 1997 – September 1999
Location: Toronto
Reporting To:Director of Information

My roles and responsibilities in this previously skunk-works project turned live-production were almost limitless. The team initially comprised of the director, myself and a co-operative student to aid in development and individual department heads. The application replaced an antiquated purchasing system to provide greater flexibility for managers and other signing authorities from requisition to purchase delivery; integrated with the internal support desk to improve service calls and asset management; and dynamic enough to handle personnel, stationary, communications and real estate.



Development Languages ASP, .NET 4.5, C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, MSSQL, AJAX, RDF, XML
Applications Office: Word, Access, PowerPoint, Excel ·  CS6: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign ·  Visio, Rational Rose, MS Project  ·  3DS Max, ArcGIS

Other Experience

Depot Engineering
General Contractor
April 2005 – December 2006, May 2010 – August 2010
Renovation of homes from small cosmetic and design ideas to entire property rebuilds ·  Provided complete project plan and schematics including updates to customer on progress and milestones ·  Layout of plumbing, electrical and structural 
Bordello Restaurant
Floor Manager
October 2002 – February 2005
Responsible for opening and closing the restaurant ·   Directed staff in kitchen and on floor ·   Accepted and checked in-coming supply orders ·   Conducted full audit and book-keeping ·   General repairs and upkeep of property



Experience Abroad

Continuance of these positions were limited by visa conditions

West Plaza Hotel – New Zealand January 2004 – April 2004

Lead Bartender

Novotel Manchester City Centre August 2004 – October 2004

Day-time Bar Manager

Radisson Edwardian Manchester October 2004 – January 2005

Evening Bartender


Toronto City Councillor Adam Vaughan – Community Planning Committee
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

December 2012

Habitat for Humanity
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

July 2009

YMCA Green Roof
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

July – September 2009


Hobbies and Interests

As a hobby, I have designed computer games and an automated rental property manager, which allowed tenants to pay online with SMS notification and update time sheets and payments for my employees via the Web or mobile smart phone. I have always had a keen interest in architecture and urban planning and trained myself in a long list of construction techniques including framing, plumbing, electrical and drywall, which I have implemented personally and professionally. I am a qualified bartender and novice writer. In my spare time, I enjoy an evening in with friends, intriguing conversation and am currently learning Spanish.

About Me

Work in progress.

Still setting up this site, so check back soon!


As a recent graduate of the Ryerson Urban and Regional Planning Degree program, I possess not only an understanding of project proposal and planning, stakeholder management, various land-use policy and planning Acts, environmental assessment, economics and planning, ecology, presentation design and encouraging participation – but a number of other skills from my previous and current professions. I am educated as a Programmer and Business Analyst and currently lecture post-secondary classes on Communication and Information Technology.

I have experience working with community groups, Neighbourhood and Business Associations with many of the field projects conducted at Ryerson – including my recent volunteer work with city councillors and community meetings set forth by the controversial Mirvish+Gehry towers in Downtown Toronto. This project not only required the demolition of heritage status buildings, doubling height limits and changes the over-all nature of the streetscape – it influenced through its size and design would impact the skyline and neighbourhoods well outside of normal planning scope. We enlisted city administrative staff, planners, architects and local groups to participate in a multi-roundtable format to direct future consultations and made use of new media to help encompass the large number of potential stakeholders. Other projects included: scoping requirements and limitations for development on mixed urban/rural watersheds; defining policy for Toronto’s 75 BIAs to improve economic connectivity and interaction with both community and governments; and, re-integrating and re-energising community housing developments within the inner-city.

My position as a Professor of Communications also aided in participating in these meetings. Becoming a professor at the same time as re-entering the academic field for my planning career not only helped myself in directing how to approach my own facilitators and fellow colleagues – but gave me the great opportunity to manage a large room of conflicting opinions and presenting ideas while listening and observing the knowledge process. Many of the lectures I delivered along with guest lecturers from political, community and communication fields focused on the requirement to adapt community outreach and consultation to match the changing methods in which people engage, congregate and share knowledge – or their objections – and how to successfully capture sentiment in modern situations without neglecting the established tenets of participation.

My work as a lead applications developer and in project management has guided my abilities to work with inter- and intra-departmental agencies, clients and end-users – collecting business and personal requirements and orchestrating a plan which matches abilities with available resources. My duties were also to relay information to management, provide status reports and translate technical concepts into business requirements and milestones – often engineering innovative approaches to solving complex problems. Finding balance between stakeholder expectations and requirements and guiding the development process within established technical specifications is always a requirement in software development – striving to obtain the best net-benefit for all parties.

Personally, I have also spent several years as a general contractor – a career that evolved from developing my own property within Toronto. While program design and project management aided in my abilities in large residential projects, self-training was required to develop the requisite skills in the technical aspects of home construction – including reading and understanding the requirements under the Building Code Act (1992) and a number of the City’s by-laws and regulations. It was at this time that I discovered my propensity and admiration of planning and policy and developed the skills that would assist in interpreting the technical aspects of any position.

My current situation has recently allowed me to seek employment in other areas of the country that previously piqued my interest and in a position that may require frequent travel – as well I am at a level personally where I would appreciate a change of location. I understand in today’s professional world that the job is never over when the workday is complete. Many of my previous positions required extra hours beyond the day to complete tasks, organise goals and truly reflect on the priorities and expectations and I personally believe that an excellent result requires such attentiveness and dedication – along with a passion for continued development and self-education – is a required objective.